In this episode, we will look to explore the culture of the Sindhi people, from a cursory viewpoint, this means the way that they perceive the world around them, and how it has affected them throughout time.

Supplementary Notes

Clothing of Sindh

sindhi traditional men clothing

sindhi traditional women clothing

Sindhi Food

Sai bhaji

Sai bhaji (Sindhi: سائي ڀاڄي‎) is a Sindhi vegetarian curry, consisting of dal (lentils), palak (spinach) and other vegetables. It forms a staple part of the local cuisine and is considered a rich source of nutrition due to its mix of various greens.

MITHI LOLI ( Sindhi Sweet Roti )

This is a Traditional Sindhi sweet roti made for the Satai festival also known as Thadri. Which is made by using flour, suger and oil/ghee.

Sindhi Thandai drink

Thandai is an cold drink prepared with a mixture of almonds, fennel seeds, watermelon kernels, rose petals, pepper, vetiver seeds, cardamom, saffron, milk and sugar.

Folk Song/Dance

Traditional Sindhi wedding song

Ho Jamalo Pakistani Dance in Atlanta by Sanam Studios Dancers

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