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Sindhi Culture 101

In this episode, we will look to explore the culture of the Sindhi people, from a cursory viewpoint, this means the way that they perceive the world around them, and how it has affected them throughout time. Supplementary Notes Clothing of Sindh sindhi traditional men clothing sindhi traditional women clothing Sindhi Food Sai bhaji Sai…

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Hindu Warfare 101

In this episode, we will look to give a cursory viewpoint on how the business of war started, in the region of the sub-continent from the psyche, to some of the tactics employed in the region from the early history of India. Supplementary notes army formation Basic Army Layout at the start of an battle…

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Early Attempts Into India

In this episode, we are going to explore the very early attempts into India from a military; as we have gone through from the point of view, of trade we must now look at what early Muslims, did in trying to increase the sphere of influence in these lands The Akbarnama was commissioned by Akbar Support Our Project

[EXTRA] questions and answers #1

This is a bit different, I have done my first Q and A session, if you have any questions yourself or want me to do another. Please leave a comment on the website, or go on my social media to leave a comment. Support our project