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Here is where you will find the Archive of all the main ep we have done


Episode 1 ( Introduction )

This is the first episode, in which I will introduce, India on this podcast episode. We will try and briefly go and unpack India, to tell what makes India, India. Image of India Further Reading Short History of India, A Paperback – 25 May 2017 by Gordon Kerr (Author) Shahnameh: The Persian Book of Kings…

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Muhammad bin Qasim

Episode 2 (Getting Ready)

Episode 2 (Getting Ready) This is the second episode, which will explore what are the key factors, which effected the departure of Muhammed bin Kassim, into the subcontinent. Muhammad Bin Kassim Further Reading The End of the Jihad State: The Reign of Hisham Ibn Abd Al-Malik and the collapse of the Umayyads by Khalid Yahya Blankinship…

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Episode 3 (intrigue)

This is the third episode, of the Muslim perspective history podcast, in which we will see the gears that turn, to make the story of Muhammed bin Kassim go the way that it did.                                          Coins from the time of King Cach Further Reading History of Medieval Hindu India (Being a History of India, Vol. 1…

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Episode 4 (The king’s Trail)

This is the fourth episode of Muslim perspective history, in this we will look at the first trail of king Cach, and also we will see what the turmoil that, has beset the Muslims, from within themselves. The old Alamgir Mosque at Aror Further Reading A Book of Conquest by Manan Ahmed Asif Please support…

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Episode 5 (The Rise of the Strongman)

In this episode, we will now turn our attention toward the Hijaz area after the death of the prophet. we will look at a character, who is mired in controversy and is looked upon with scorn by history. This person is Hajjaj Bin Yusuf, who will be the focus of this episode in terms of the story…

Episode 6 (The waiting game)

In this episode, we see that Cach has ventured outside his area of control, and will be faced by the first of many consequences, for killing the old king. Hajjaj got more than he bargained in for in the sleepy town of Talaba, where he will learn a terrible secret. Details of what soldiers’ arms…

Episode 7 – Consequences

In this episode, we see that that king Cach, contemplating on how he is going to face the consequence of taking down Sabihol, and from across the desert we see that Hajjaj caught a break; in more ways that one. The Heavenly Court of Indra Further Reading The Rig Veda (Penguin Classics) Paperback support our…

Episode 8 – New beginnings and Old Endings

In this episode, we see that Cach has finally ignited the flames of war and will face off against his toughest enemy Bajario on the battlefield, and from the other side we see that Hajjaj has finally started his new role in the Shurta, but he has more questions, that are yet to be answered…

Episode 9 – revenge and questions

in this episode, we will see that Cach has now become so mad that he starts to see no reason for remorse on Bajiro also Hajjaj sees that he has much to learn in his new environment. Support our project

Episode 10 – Prisoner

In this episode, we see that Cach may have reached his goal, and now feeling homesick and tired and missing Alor. On the other side, we see Hajjaj got his first taste of the action in Basra as part of the shurta, but all is not what it seems. Painting of depiction of medieval Basra…

episode 11 – Mashwara

As we see off Cach, to take a long-deserved break back in Alor, we turn our attention fully towards Hajjaj, to see how his first arrest of his Shurta pans out, and what will be the repercussions of his action Persian Nights 16th CE Plese support our Project

Episode 12 – Power

In this episode, we will see how the clash between Hajjaj and the cult, set them on a path to a battle which will last a lifetime; and set in motion Muhammed bin Kassim coming into the picture, which will alter the destiny forever. A depiction of the Battle of Siffin Support our project

Episode 13 – in with new out with the old

In this episode, we will be wrapping up the stories of our prelude protagonist, and now we will see the new generation, inch closer to each other with every choice they make. painting of hindu funeral Support Our project

Episode 14 – Usurper

In this episode, we will now turn our attention towards our antagonist for this part of our story Dhara; son of Cach we will see how he becomes the man we see who will try to impede, Mohammed bin Kassim on every step he takes in Sind and Hind Battle scene from Razmnama Support our…

episode 15 – Death of a brother

in this episode, we will see that on how Dahrar; is starting to be affected by the weight of power; left behind by his father, we will see that Dahrar is changing in ways that he could not imagine The Death of Khan Jahan Lodi Support our project

Episode 16 – mercenaries

In this episode, we will see that how Dharar became the Defacto leader of the land of Sind and Hind with the help of unlikely allies, and so the other side we see that Hajjaj has reached his limit, and calls for action Painting of Arab traveling the Asian minor plains Support our project

Episode 17 – Marauders

In this episode, we will look at the pivotal trigger point which pushed the Muslims to take India seriously which in turn brought the first Muslim leader to enter the land of Hind Screenshot from pirates of the caribbean of Sri Sumbhajee pirate lord of the indian ocean Support our project

Episode 18 – Approval

In this episode, we will finally see Mohammed bin Kassim come to see his uncle Hajjaj bin Yusuf and once they meet they get straight to the matter at Hind Meeting in the court of Akbar Support our project

Episode 19 – Declaration

In this episode, we will finally see that Muhammed leave the Arabs and set on his mission, but not before hearing the advice of his elders and not without saying something first. Support our project

Episode 20 – Preparation

In this episode, Muhammed has finally reached the rally point of where the army will leave to sind and hind Army camp of Arabs Support our project

Episode 21 – Borderlands

In this episode, Muhammed has finally reached the borders of Sind but all is not well in the camp of the army of Muhammed Arab camping Support our project

Episode 23 – Arrival

In this episode, we see that Muhammed bin Kassim has finally reached the door of Debal, what will he do next? Support our project

Episode 24 – Talisman

What can Muhammed do, does he wait it out or find a way to get the people of Debal to surrender, find out today in this episode Magic Talisman Islamic Example Support our project

Episode 26 – Meeting

In this episode, we will see the councilmen sit with the Muhammed, but the expected occurs leaving Muhammed perplexed on what do next. Support our project

Episode 28 – Letters

in this episode, we will see that now Muhammed has moved on to get Neruin but before that, he has to respond on how he is conducting himself   Support our project

Episode 31 – Armistice

In this episode, we see Muhammed final take the city of Swistan, but his victory is short lived as he was given an ominous warning Support our Project

Episode 33 – A night to forget

In this episode, we will see Muhammed, how will he deal with the treats of the impending Kotak, and also see how does Bicharia will react  Support our project

Episode 34 – The U-turn

in this episode, we will see that Muhammed get  an unlikely visitor into his camp as  to if it is good or bad we will see in today episode  Support our project

Episode 35 – an unexpected detour

In this episode, Muhammed bin Kassim is halfway through his journey of  bringing order back into Sind, but he receives a message to turn back from his uncle Hajjaj  Support our project

Episode 39- Drums of war

In this episode,  Muhammed takes on the town of Bet, but king Dahrar has other plans for Muhammed and his army Support our project

Episode 40 – The final warning

In this episode, we will see that Muhammed is in need of help, and Hajjaj reluctantly comes to the rescue, and Hajjaj allies are questioning his authority  support our project

Episode 41 – The crossing

in this episode, we will finally get Muhammed across the Mehram, but his crossing has not been left unnoticed by king Dahrar Support our project

Episode 42 – The Last Chance

In this episode, Alafi, confront Muhammed and tell him to go back, but does not get the answer he was seeking for and as for king Dharar he has now set his resolve to move forward Support our project

Episode 44 – The first bout

In this episode, we will see the first of many confrontations, of Muhammed and king Dhara army clash, to see who will win the soul of Sind Support our project

Episode 45 – A king joins the fray

In this episode, we will see that king Dahrar is not having much luck, and so he decides to join the battle himself, much to the dismay of his advisors, but due to this, he gains an unexpected ally.  Support our project

Episode 50 – A Departure of a friend

In this episode, we saw that Muhammed has passed through the walls of Dahlala and Dahlor, and now is making his way to Brahmabad, but the departure Alafi has left Muhammed with a taste in his mouth  Support our project

Episode 51 – The Rana of Kashmir

In this episode, Muhammed Alafi has finally reached the Rana of Kashmir, and Muhammed has also reached the gates of Brahmabad, let us see what kind of reception he gets on this episode   Support our project

Episode 52- A Prince Falls

In this episode, we see a wounded prince Jaishah, enters the city of Bramabad, but he is not able to rest, Muhammed is hot on his heels to complete his mission in Sind.    Support our project

Episode 53 – The dust settles

In this episode, we will see what will Muhammed after taking the spiritual heart of Sind, Brahmabad will Muhammed show mercy or vengeance     Support our project

Episode 54 – Death and Rebirth

In this episode, we shall see the death of the greatest pillars of the Ummayds, and the rebirth of the fall of Sind again, as some people did not die   Support our project

Episode 55 – A new friend

In this episode, we find that Muhammed has now turned his attention, towards the last remaining strongholds in Sind, but before he starts he meets an unexpected ally  Support our project

Episode 56 – A Empty City

In this episode, we see that the Rai of Multan has fallen, but his city does not show the right reaction, and Muhammed is suspicious by it;  and Jaishah now set on our journey to get his kingdom back   Support our project

Episode 57 – The Princess and the fire

In this episode, we see that Muhammed has reached Kuruij, and he is well on his way to taking the city; but there are other forces at play that he does not know about   Support our project

Episode 58 – A new home

In this episode, we see that Janki is on his way, and the Kalifah is forced to make a choice that he does not want to make, as his own council is against him Support our project