In this episode, we will now turn our attention towards our antagonist for this part of our story Dhara; son of Cach we will see how he becomes the man we see who will try to impede, Mohammed bin Kassim on every step he takes in Sind and Hind

Battle scene from Razmnama

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In this episode, we are going to explore the very early attempts into India from a military; as we have gone through from the point of view, of trade we must now look at what early Muslims, did in trying to increase the sphere of influence in these lands

The Akbarnama was commissioned by Akbar

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In this episode, we will see how the clash between Hajjaj and the cult, set them on a path to a battle which will last a lifetime; and set in motion Muhammed bin Kassim coming into the picture, which will alter the destiny forever.

A depiction of the Battle of Siffin

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As we see off Cach, to take a long-deserved break back in Alor, we turn our attention fully towards Hajjaj, to see how his first arrest of his Shurta pans out, and what will be the repercussions of his action

Persian Nights 16th CE

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In this episode, we see that Cach may have reached his goal, and now feeling homesick and tired and missing Alor.

On the other side, we see Hajjaj got his first taste of the action in Basra as part of the shurta, but all is not what it seems.

Painting of depiction of medieval Basra

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In this episode, we see that Cach has finally ignited the flames of war and will face off against his toughest enemy Bajario on the battlefield, and from the other side we see that Hajjaj has finally started his new role in the Shurta, but he has more questions, that are yet to be answered

Typical look of umayyad soldier

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In this episode, we will look to give a cursory viewpoint on how the business of war started, in the region of the sub-continent from the psyche, to some of the tactics employed in the region from the early history of India.

Supplementary notes

army formation

Basic Army Layout at the start of an battle


Antennae Sword 1500–500 B.C.

Spear Heads found in Indus valley

Weapons & Tools: Mace and Axe from Harappan Civilization

Battle type

Siege warfare

Open Battle set up

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